6 Benefits Of Working With An ICCRC Approved Immigration Consultant


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Immigration is a very rewarding process for newcomers, especially when migrating to an amazing country like Canada. But, it can be a very tedious and detail-oriented procedure as well. Shopping for the best avenue to complete your application is one of the most important stages of your journey.

Working with an ICCRC approved consultant will help you make that process seamless, and a lot less burdensome!  While there are countless benefits to professional consultation, we’ve narrowed down the list to some key points.

  1. Choosing the right immigration program

Immigration is not a one size fits all scenario. Every newcomer has a story, a dream and a different need when it comes to the kind of life they would like to lead in Canada. Navigating the different immigration programs and services can get tedious and confusing.

Professional ICCRC approved consultants do not only have a rich understanding of what each program entails but have had tons of experience in the process. They will be able to help guide you to the program that is most suitable for your vision as a Canadian immigrant, aligned with your needs and your desires for success.

  1. Easily resolving complex issues

By now, it seems quite obvious that there is no cookie-cutter method to immigration. Inevitably, you will face some challenges along the way. Such challenges may not always be within the realm of your expertise, and dealing with them can become burdensome.

But this is the battle that your ICCRC representative is well-equipped to combat!

An immigration agent will detect complex issues that may arise within the application and will resolve them to make your journey a flawless one. They will be able to see the full picture, understand, and present your options to you on a silver platter. With so many overwhelming aspects to the immigration application, receiving professional advice from your ICCRC consultant will ensure your peace of mind.

  1. Processing flawless applications

Understanding the ins and outs of the Canadian visa application process will make your ICCRC consultant the perfect person to ensure a spotless application. Important details of the process can become tricky, and may slip past an applicant who is rather unfamiliar with Canadian immigration. Relying on an ICCRC agent who has an eye for such detail will ensure a smooth process with minimal complications.

  1. Receiving updated information on immigration laws

For most people, researching foreign laws isn’t a go-to activity for leisure, unless you are interested in this field. Researching and keeping up to date with immigration laws can be frustrating if you are unfamiliar with the visa process.

Having such information directly handpicked from the pool of foreign laws and explained to you would be the most optimal route to follow. Why stress yourself with the nitty-gritty laws of immigration when there is an ICCRC agent who can effectively keep you informed? That is more of your valuable time saved and spent towards writing this new chapter in your life story.

  1. Save time on trying to understand the Canadian immigration process

At the end of the day, immigrating to Canada will likely be one of your biggest life milestones! After all, Canada is a great place to grow, prosper and achieve your dreams, one step at a time.

You don’t want to be spending so much time in the first stages of your Canadian life journey trying to understand how immigration works. So much research and paperwork, it’s quite overwhelming. Hiring an ICCRC consultant will save you valuable time and energy, to give you more freedom in dreaming big and planning this next chapter.

  1. Canadian immigration consultants are insured

Hiring an ICCRC consultant is a very effective route to take when applying for a Canadian visa. It is however important to remember that with the challenges that inevitably arise within the application, errors are possible. Unlikely, but nevertheless, possible.

ICCRC approved agents are less likely to make such mistakes as they are rather experienced in their profession. However, in the rare case in which this does occur, it is important to remember that immigration consultants are omissions and errors insured.

This means that when an unintentional application error occurs, both applicants and agents are protected. If you believe that your consultant has not operated in accordance to your interests, you, as an immigration applicant, hold the right to file a complaint against your ICCRC agent.

The Migration to Canada Vision

Our vision as an immigration agency is to ultimately provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your immigration experience! Our goal is to support you through your migration process and serve you the best possible visa application program that is most aligned with your vision as a future, permanent Canadian resident.

Whether you are a family, business professional, international corporation or individual, Migration to Canada is here to make your experience flawless!

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6 Benefits Of Working With An ICCRC Approved Immigration Consultant