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Immigrate to Canada

Permanent Residence

We have a broad and in-depth knowledge in our field and can help you apply for and manage your Canadian PR application through the programs listed below.

Canada Express Entry Applications : Permanent Residence: The Categories:

Federal Skilled Workers Class (FSW)
  • Applications for those in Canada and outside Canada to obtain permanent residence
  • Applicants for FSW outside Canada can apply based on age, education, language and work experience among other factors
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Applicants in Canada (those who are work permit holders)can apply for CEC class after one year of work experience in Canada
Federal Skilled Trades Class (FST)
  • Those with professional trades experience can apply through this category
Sponsorships of Spouses, Common Law Partners and Dependent Children – Types:
  • Overseas Sponsorships
  • In-Canada Sponsorships with Work Permit Application

Permanent Residence

Other Types of Applications for Permanent Residency

  • Group of 5 Sponsorship for persons that are refugees or in refugee like situations

  • Members of the Temporary Resident Permit Holders Class (TRP)

  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

  • Provincial Nominee Class Programs across Canada (as a pre-condition to apply for PR)

Other Types of Applications for Permanent Residency

Migration to Canada also offers services to