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Temporary Resident in Canada

Temporary Residence and Renewals

Temporary Residence and Renewals

Foreign nationals may also come to Canada for temporary periods of time. These include visitors or tourists, workers and students. All persons applying must satisfy an officer that they will return to their home country after their authorized period of stay ends when they are applying.

Visitor Visas:

If you are not from a Visa Exempt country, we can assist you in applying for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) on your behalf if you belong to a country which requires a temporary visa for a family visit, coming to Canada for a business meeting or training or simply visiting as a tourist.

Student Permits:

Our firm can represent you to the government with respect to your wish to study in Canada. An offer of admission amongst other things will allow us to file a Student Visa Permit on your behalf. Many issues need to be addressed in the application including proof of available funds to sustain you throughout your education will be needed in order to obtain these permits.

Work Permits:

There are many types of work permits available to foreign nationals under both the Canadian Immigration Protection an Protection Act (IRPA) and its Regulations (IRPR) and various international treaties.

Some of these permits are known as:

  • Working without a work permit under Regulation 186
  • NAFTA intra company transfers (ICT)
  • Intra Company Transfers found under IRPA and its Regulations
  • Intra Company Transfers according to the World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS)
  • Work Permits supported by a temporary Labor Market Impact assessment (LMIA)
  • Work Permits supported by an LMIA for Permanent Residence
  • Work Permits under the Global Skills Talent Stream (GSS)
  • Work Permits for those in the Film and Television Production industries
  • Work Permits for post graduates graduating from a publicly funded learning institution.
  • Work Permits for those making a significant contribution the economic, social/cultural life of Canada
  • Bridging Open Work Permits for those who previously had work permits and now have a casefile waiting to be decided on for permanent residence.

In most cases an LMIA will need to be applied for on behalf of the company offering the job. However, there may be some situations where exemptions exist such as Temporary Resident Permits.

Temporary Residence and Renewals

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