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Refusals and Appeals of Permanent and Temporary Visas

Federal Court and Immigration Appeal Division

PR and Work Permit Appeals

Loss of Permanent Residence and Spousal/Common Law, Medical, Criminal and Financial Refusals

These are serious matters and can be very complex which require an understanding of how to deal with refusals from immigration officers at overseas offices, the Canada Border Services Agency and its appeals officers in Canada and the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

If for any reason your application for permanent residence has been refused, it may in most circumstances be appealed to the Federal Court of Canada. If this should occur, we are associated with a number of litigation lawyers in Canada who we will refer you so that you can file an appeal of the officer’s decision.

In circumstances where your case may be appealed to the Immigration Appeal Division tribunal, our office will represent you for these cases.

What are some of the types of cases that can be appealed to the Immigration Appeal Division in Canada?

  • Failure to Maintain Residency in Canada. Not maintaining 730 days in Canada in the last 5 years.
  • Refusal of Sponsorship Case for alleged non-genuine relationship
  • Refusal of Sponsorship on Medical Grounds
  • Refusal of Sponsorship on Criminal Grounds
  • Refusal of Sponsorship on Financial Grounds

Dealing with these issues requires knowledgeable and reputable professionals to represent you at the appeals and we have solid experience in dealing with these matters since 1995.

Federal Court and Immigration Appeal Division

Immigration Division

Detention and Admissibility Hearings

These matters concern those permanent residents or foreign nationals in Canada who have violated the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and/or its Regulations, the Criminal Code of Canada or other Acts of Parliament that may land someone in a detention centre and await a hearing.

We have been representing foreign nationals with these matters since 1995 whether it be at the airport, land border or inland detention centers.

These issues require knowledgeable professionals to represent you at the Immigration Division hearings whether it be a Detention Review hearing or an Admissibility hearing for allegations of immigration fraud, misrepresentation or criminal matters.

Immigration Division

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